January 17, 2010 Florida Public Library Demo/Concert

January 17, 2010 Florida Public Library Demo/Concert
Some of the circle members conducting a demo/concert for the Florida NY Public Library

Monday, April 23, 2012

Here's another snippet from this past weekend's Circle. Julie Harris on flute, Rich Newman on a Hang like instrument, Al Harris on Udu, yours truly on high strung guitar, and various other members playing various other percussive instruments.
Been FAR too long since I've posted here. Unfortunately I've missed circle for the last several months due to conflicts, but finally made it back this past weekend. Here's a snippet of what occurred. Lot's of fun and very relaxing. Come check us out sometime. We don't bite. Promise!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Duke & Julie interviewed on Exploring Your World - local cable show.

Check out two of the founders of the flute circle being interviewed on a local Cable TV show.

Exploring Your World is aired on channel 23, Time Warner Cable in most of Orange County,N.Y. It is a talk show dedicated to the esoteric sciences, the subtle energies around us. Subjects such as: Aromatherapy,Color Therapy, Astrology, Numerology, Sound Therapy, History and Cultures are featured.